A formula specifically designed for the high demands of the thoroughbred racehorse.
Loaded with high-grade muscle fuels, carbohydrates, glycogen, glutamine, amino acids,
recovery micro-nutrients and neurotransmitter precursors,
 MAC-Jet Thoroughbred Super
is the most fire-powered fuel to date.
Designed to fire the quarter horse with explosive starts and high speed finishes. A
combination of muscle fuels, amino acids, carbohydrates, glutamine, neurotransmitter
precursors and recovery micro-nutrients.
MAC-Jet Quarter Horse Super Fuel is a major
component to preparing your horse to compete strong.
The Better I
Prepare the
Luckier I Get
  • "...muscle fuels are by far the most
    important fuel for muscle contraction. In
    fact, during racing, muscle fuels are
    more than 80% of the energy consumed.
    There also is evidence that low muscle
    fuels will impair high-intensity exercise
    performance." - Dr. Potter, DVM, Texas A&M
  • "When a race horse becomes fatigued,
    it is usually the result of muscle fuel
    depletion--running out of fuel--rather
    than a build-up of lactic acid." - Dr.
    Frederick, DVM, Univ of Arizona
Scientifically Formulated, Track Proven, Legal Muscle Fuels to give the  racehorse the speed,  firepower and
stamina to finish strong...race after race.
"MAC-Jet Thoroughbred Super Fuel doesn't
get us to the winners circle every time, but has
helped us increase our earnings 60% over time with
the same type of horses. It is a good investment." -

Tom Garner, Owner, Churchill
"We are running as fast of fractions the second half
of the race as the first. Our winning percentage has
risen 15%. Our only change is to MAC-Jet Quarter
Horse Fuel." -
Gary Smith, Owner, Los Alamitos
  • "A simple question we should ask
    ourselves is, "Is it working?" Is what we
    are doing working? Are our earnings
    increasing? Are we attracting more
    clients? Are our percentages going up?
    Are our horses getting better? The
    answer lies in the results, not in what
    we wish they were." - J. Bausch,  Racehorse
  • "Muscle fuels are not a quick fix to poor
    training protocols." - Dr. Potter, DVM, Texas
    A&M Univ.
Manufactured by:
Dielschneider Laboratories
Exclusively for:
MAC-Jet Equine Racing
Patent Pending
  • "Lactic Acid Is Not Muscles Foe, It's the
    Lack of Fuel That is the Problem." - Gina
    Kolata, New York Times, 2006
  • "95% of all injuries occur because the
    equine athlete loses control of their
    stride. Bowed tendons, chipped knees,
    fractures, etc. Using the muscle fuels  
    has proven to reduce injuries by
    keeping the muscles fueled which
    keeps the stride consistent." - Dr. White,
    Track Vet, Florida
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  • "Contrary to opinion on the
    backstretch, the racehorse's engine is
    not his heart. The heart is the
    carburetor. It is muscle that is the engine
    that makes the racehorse go." - Dr.
    Lawrence, PhD, University of  Kentucky
  • "We concluded that decreased
    availability of muscle fuels diminishes
    anerobic power generation and
    capacity for high intensity exercise. We
    demonstrated in our research that, in
    horses, muscle fuel depletion was
    associated in significant run time
    fatigue" - Dr. Lentz, DVM, University of
MAC-Jet Equine Racing International
Dedicated to Improving the Speed, Stamina and Performance of the Racehorse
Anti-Bleed Formula is a comprehensive blend of high potentcy vitamins and imported herbs
combined with other high-grade nutrients to condition the capillaries
, veins and
to more flexibility and also contains coagulant properties to quickly repair
leakage. MAC-Jet Anti-Bleed
Formula prevents bleeding and will heal the bleeder under
most conditions.
MAC-Jet High Performance Racehorse

Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids,
Enzymes & Electrolytes
MAC-Jet High Performance Racehorse is scientific formula specifically designed for the
professional racehorse. The market is full of "one size fits all" formulas which do not satisfy
the high demands required of the racehorse. MAC-Jet High Performance is a power packed
formulation of vitamins and minerals with critical amino acids, enzymes and electrolytes for
better and more consistent performance in the racehorse.